Managing KRA Audits

KRA has rolled program to audit companies and in the Tax procedures act KRA is allowed to undertake compliance audits in a company for a span of five years.

Importance of Tax function In An Organization

My 5 year old daughter asked me if I buy a mango do I pay taxes. I was surprised by the question but realized in the drive for government to raise more money in the resent past the word TAX has been the vocabulary for all young and old. Everybody wants to try and understand tax.

Taxation of Residential Rental Income

Under this category, the total collection of the residential rental income is over kshs 10 million per year. It is irrespective of whether the rent is from one building or from many buildings. It is also irrespective whether the buildings are permanent or temporally structures, the construction materials used, and the age of the buildings.

Tax Appeals Tribunal Process

A notice of appeal is valid if, the taxpayer has paid the tax not in dispute or entered into an arrangement with the Commissioner to pay the tax not in dispute under the assessment at the time of lodging the notice. Section 52(2) TPA.

KRA Audit

The TPA allows the Commissioner to issue to a tax payer a default assessment, amended assessment or an advance assessment (Section 29 to 31 TPA). It is on the basis of these sections that the KRA undertakes audits on taxpayers.