Statutory audit is designed to provide a reasonable level of assurance to users of accounts. Most organizations are required to at least annual financial statements to record their activities. Often other reporting is also required; for example to satisfy the needs of a regulator or other interested party. Our audit and supplementary audit services will help you meet regulatory requirements, as well as the particular needs of your organization.

A major part of this is ensuring that your financials meet not only the high standards imposed by the International Financial Reporting Standards but also that they are fully compliant with the laws of the land. We work to ensure that your organization is meeting all its obligations under the statutes and provide practical, proactive and up-to-date advice to help you continue to do so.

We are committed to delivering an audit that adds value – our partner-led service gives you much more than just your annual statutory audit.

1. Statutory Audit

2. Internal Audit

3. Accounting System Audit

4. Project Management Audit

5. Financial Statement Audit

6. Forensic Audit

7. Tax compliance audit